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Blakeney Motorsport is internationally recognised for top quality race preparation and exceptional restoration of historic & vintage cars. Patrick Blakeney-Edwards established the company in the early nineties and it is now based in Hertfordshire, 20 miles north of London. Blakeney Motorsport employs a team of highly qualified staff including race engine development and chassis set up specialists. The company will transport and run your car at any international race or rally event. Blakeney Motorsport aim to give a complete package in terms of customer enjoyment rather than merely rebuilding cars. Our 35,000 sq/ft of workshops are always brimming with wonderful historic marques such as Frazer Nash, Ferrari, WO Bentley, Lister, Lola, Jaguar, Vauxhall, BMW and many more.

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Following successful results with our new Alfin brake drums for both Bristol and Austin suspended post-war cars we have now done the same for chain drive Nash. Covering the whole range bar Shelsley we have made 12” straight side and both 10” straight and conical. Pattern work was made for each drum and cast iron liner with a ‘locking lattice’ on the liner. The aluminium drums were then cast around the iron liners. The drums were then heat treated and all are in machining at the moment. There are different opinions as to what the register hole and PCD dimensions are so some will be left un-machined or undersize in this area. Fundamentally the drums will be machined to suit the superb club hubs. I will be testing a set shortly and once I’m happy with the results, will make them available to club members.

The Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting Earl Howe race was a great chain drive Nash benefit with Eddie Gibbs coming second and supporting him were Martin Hunt, Andrew Hall, Simon Smith, Paul Baker and Fred Wakeman. Fred came in 5th having battled all race with PBE in a Type 51 Bugatti running on petrol. I had to park up the Bug when the throttle jammed open and caused a pretty scary spin at Lavant on the penultimate lap. It was interesting comparing Nash with GP Bugatti with the Nash being thrown at corners at various angles to scrub speed on its way to the apex whilst the Bug  definitely responded to being driven in a more conventional and neat manner. Ultimately the Bug was marginally quicker but in fairness, it has about 30 BHP more than BAM. The next race for me was a Lola T70 (600 BHP/700 Kgs) which was quite frankly the fastest and most exhilarating race car I have ever driven and a top 10 result was pleasing. The Nashes in the paddock in various states of prep were extremely popular with the crowds and one delightful chap was completely overwhelmed by the marque and excitedly told me how Frazer Nash had long been the car he had most wanted to own. He is now in contact with me and would love to be introduced to an original bodied TT Rep.

Important! There will be a 40 min optional 2 driver race on July 25th at the Silverstone Classic this year for pre-war cars. Practice Friday PM and a top slot race at about 11am on Saturday morning. It is 5 years since we were able to race there and it would be really fabulous if Frazer Nash could take this high profile race by storm. If anyone is interested please do get in touch with me or Duncan Wiltshire at Motor Racing Legends – it’s a fabulous event with huge amounts for everyone to do including children – campsites, funfairs, car demos etc. It’s important for the future of prewar cars to support these high profile events where so much positive publicity is gained.

And finally, I am really proud of my brother Simon who amongst other major awards, won the VSCC Lycett Memorial Trophy for 2014. I won this Trophy back in 1992 and know the amount of time, expense and commitment it takes to achieve this. Simon preps his own cars as well as supporting others at all the VSCC meetings and is a deserving recipient of this premier VSCC Trophy. His come back to racing following his major accident at Mallory a couple of years ago has been impressive and the standard of his driving in all types of disciplines a real credit to him. Well done Bro.

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One of my favourite memories as a child were the regular family visits to Clink Farm in Frome, the then vibrant home of course to Freddie & Jan Giles. It was always so much fun. Swimming games, massive Scaletrics in the attic room, bike rides, pub lunches, go karts and always a better stocked pantry than ours! As youngsters Rob and Jon used to tolerate us young B-E’s and when we were just about old enough they led us astray as best they could without getting us into too much trouble! However as a young and obsessive Frazer Nash fan, the biggest excitement for me was always the workshop filled with, in my eyes, the best selection of race and road cars & Frazer Nash derivatives. MV1764, Salome, Beetle, PH7692, Gnat, Wasp, Robs Cooper 500 and for a while, The Cognac. I used to love the smell of Freddies garage and always wondered why my Dads workshop smelt different. I learnt many years later that being mostly racing cars, they all ran on Castrol R and methanol and I’m always reminded of this lovely stage in my life when we look after the Fane single seater and other methanol burning GP cars. There was however one car which always stuck in my memory and I used to spend hours being mesmerised by it. Freddie had managed to secure the most fantastically original Blackburne engined TT Rep AMT413 which was in all senses of the word the ultimate ‘barn find’. My brothers & I used to cycle the 25 miles from Cheddar to Clink Farm and I would always make a bee line for the shabby old open shed, lift the cover and imagine discovering the car for the first time. Little did I realise that 30 odd years later I would be doing exactly the same thing to its sister car AMT414 which coincidentally is also the most fabulous and awe inspiring barn find. It was unearthed by Simon & Sarah Diffey from long term ownership of Bob Taylor but after a while Simon felt that the car was so important, the sympathetic restoration was probably someone else’s responsibility and reluctantly let it go. I was delighted when my good friend and serious rally / race driver Jonathan Turner rang to tell me he had bought the car. It was duly collected and now resides, protected in my workshop while Jonathan & I work out how to go about the rebuild. There are really difficult decisions to make regarding the original trim and paint but thankfully Jonathan wants the car to remain cosmetically as close as possible to its current original condition. The mechanics will be rebuilt to factory specification. It is one of the most significant Frazer Nash discoveries in recent years and I am over the moon to be chosen to bring it back, very carefully, to life.

On the same subject, I am delighted to say that we have been short listed for Restoration Of The Year at the International Historic Motoring Awards Ceremony in London on 20 November for the extensive restoration of the 1935 Supercharged 8C Triumph Dolomite which was the Brits audacious version of the 8C Alfa. It goes without saying that I run the business as a commercial enterprise but as anyone who has carried out a full and sensitive rebuild will tell you, these major projects get under ones skin and the emotion and pride felt when they are finally fired up and driven is often for me quite overwhelming. So, to be recognised by the IHMA for our work is a source of great pride. AMT414 is owned by the right sort of person and I’m looking forward to returning it to a working example of what ought to end up being the ‘Reference Frazer Nash TT Rep’.

Written By: Patrick Blakeney-Edwards, November 2014 for the Chain Gang Gazette.

Chain Gang Gazette Article July 2014

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Patrick Blakeney Edwards does the hat trick

Blakeney Motor Sport started the year on a high at the VSCC Pomeroy Trophy meeting. Over 12 cars competed under the BMS banner, therefore comprising 10% of the entry!

First time racer Gavin Henderson was competing in his Le Mans Rep Frazer Nash and Fred Wakeman scored an impressive 3rd Class Award in his AC Ace. Andrew Hall was out in Gavin’s ex Tony Bancroft AC Ace and Jonathon Procter was on for an award in the Ex Dickie Stoop Le Mans Frazer Nash Sebring, until failing the brake test by a few inches. Peter Bradfield was having fun in the mustang ‘The Fridge’ – this being a good shake down for the Tour Auto this year. P.B.E was delighted to have completed the hat trick, winning for the 3rd year on the trot in his 1928 Frazer Nash



BRDC Member, Martin Stretton, and Patrick Blakeney Edwards, won the 2005 BRDC 500 at Silverstone on Saturday in a BMW 328.The race for pre war sportscars was hailed a great success by the BRDC, with a capacity grid taking the start of the one-hour event.Stretton and Blakeney Edwards took the lead in the closing stages to win the prestigious BRDC event.
Martin Stretton & Patrick Blakeney-Edwards winners of 2005 BRDC 500